Cheryl May

Cheryl May, Diverse Futures Organizer
Cheryl May

Cheryl May is a social entrepreneur with a wide range of projects to her credit. She is a four-time executive director, company founder, writer, and designer. She has also worked with Artscape, MaRS, and Tides Canada on innovation and entrepreneurship projects. Presently, Cheryl is program advisor to Community Innovation Lab and the lead service designer for The Refinery, an accelerator for women entrepreneurs.

Cheryl led the development of the Pan-Canadian human services information system, 211, which currently serves 26 million Canadians. Consequently, she received the Ontario Federal Council Leadership through Collaboration Award, Showcase Ontario Diamond Award, and Head of the Public Service Award. The Government of Canada recognized her ongoing commitment to strengthening diverse communities and supporting anti-racism initiatives with an appointment to the board of the Canadian Race Relations Foundation in 2018. Her foresight work in this regard also includes Futures of Canadian Identities with Canadian Heritage.

She holds a Master of Design in Strategic Foresight and Innovation from OCADU. As a result of her post-graduate research, Cheryl is commencing doctoral studies at London South Bank University. This work will undoubtedly encompass applying futures methodologies to her research on gender balance in for-benefit leadership.

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Thesis: A New Model – The role of the for-benefit corporation in Canada