Daniel Kaplan

Daniel Kaplan, presenter
Daniel Kaplan
Co-Founder, Plurality University

Daniel Kaplan: The Case of Work

Daniel Kaplan is a futurist and entrepreneur, with one leg in innovation, and another in fiction. He currently leads Plurality University, a global network of people who mobilize the resources of the imaginary to broaden the scope of thinkable futures. Before that, in 1986, he created one of the world’s first digital communication agencies, JKLM. In the 1990s, he contributed to the Internet’s development and evolution. In 2000, he created the Next-Generation Internet Foundation (FING), a nonprofit Think-&-Do-Tank to “anticipate digital transformations”. Daniel has been at the source of game-changing concepts such as “Self Data”, which inspired Europe’s right to data portability, and “Factor-4 innovation”, a method for projects aiming to produce radical environmental impacts.

Contact: dkaplan@plurality-university.org

Website: https://www.plurality-university.org/workplus/

Twitter: @kaplandaniel

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/kaplandaniel