Graciela Guadarrama Baena

Graciela Guadarrama Baena, Diverse Futures Organizer
Graciela Guadarrama Baena
Design Researcher/Strategist/Futurist

Graciela Guadarrama Baena has lead diverse projects in product innovation – from consumer goods to medical equipment. Her projects are notable for a strong focus on design research and social innovation, and her work also encompasses both rural and urban environments. Graciela has experience conducting secondary as well as primary research by utilizing a variety of design, systems and foresight methods. She is an avid workshop facilitator, and recently co-facilitated a Civic Imagination workshop with Mayors across the US. As a result, the workshop utilized multiple futures thinking methodologies in a participatory, generative session. Graciela’s projects often vary in the expertise within the team and the industries themselves, which has shown her the many applications of design and the myriad faces of innovation.


Twitter: @okanaga86