Mariam Kauser

Mariam Kauser, presenter
Mariam Kauser
Organizer, wrkwrkwrk Collective, and PhD Candidate, University of West London

Mariam Kauser: Making a Feminist Internet. How can we achieve variance, dismantle hierarchical structures and promote plurality in the Feminist Internet space?

Mariam Kauser co-organises wrkwrkwrk, an open study group supporting early career research in technoscience, feminism and decoloniality. Currently, she is a doctoral student at the University of West London, where she also teaches. Her research explores the political economy of YouTube. Mariam’s work is focused on unpacking historical legacies of gendered, racialised and ableist exclusions, alongside the performative and promotional role of bodies embedded within institutional hierarchies through the use of tagging, labelling and branding of bodies and identities in our increasingly digitised and interconnected world.



Twitter: @M_Kauser


Intersections, Orientations, Emotions: Thinking with Sara Ahmed – Audio discussion

Feminist Media Studies. Volume 16, 2016 – Issue 4. Roundtable talk on intergenerational feminism