Designing Ethical Futures

Ways that practitioners can advocate for diversity

Designing Ethical Futures is a guided talk about the technologies we design today. Participants will also discuss the ways they are shaping our collective future. Exponential technologies are an increasingly normal part of our lives. As a result, there are unintended consequences: some good, some bad. This session draws on Designing Ethical Technology, a digital experience design research project that is a component of Aparna’s MA, Digital Experience Design, Hyper Island, UK.

Focus of Designing Ethical Futures

Aparna Ashok guides a talk that centres on human-centred frameworks. The session also includes discussion about ways that practitioners are incorporating ethics into technology as a way of steering towards a preferable future. Participants take a dive into the importance of inclusion while considering the implications of overlooking plurality. Considerations extend to future visions, narratives, products, and most certainly, services. Foremost, the session seeks to arrive at concrete ways that futurists can practice and advocate for diversity.

Moderator: Manpreet Juneja

Presenter Aparna Ashok

Aparna Ashok

Designing Ethical Futures
Aparna Ashok
Tech Anthropologist, Service Designer

Aparna Ashok: Designing Ethical Futures

Aparna Ashok is a tech anthropologist and service designer with a background in design strategy and social entrepreneurship. She conceptualises and designs business and technology experiences and validates them through early consumer insights. Aparna studies the interaction between people and digital solutions and the changing nature of technology and its impacts on society.


Twitter: @aparnaashok_