Reconnecting the peoples of the African diaspora

Blackchain will imagine a blockchain built to reconnect the peoples of the African diaspora. As a result, participants will consider how a Blackchain could continue the work of liberation and empowerment catalyzed by the Abolitionist, Civil Rights, and Pan African movements.

This session makes a case for Blackchain. Madebo Fatunde provides an analysis of historical models, the present state of technology, and the goals of the chain. He puts forward some transformations necessary to create a thought-space for our experiment. Also considered are some basic design parameters for its narratives.

Focus of Blackchain

Madebo Fatunde puts forward a collaborative design fiction for exploring what blockchain and related technologies might mean for African diasporic futures. This talk will introduce key features of design fictions, and therefore make a case for their efficacy in enabling preferred futures.

Specifically, the proposed fiction asks the question:

“What if we were to relaunch the Pan African movement as a blockchain?”

Presenter Madebo Fatunde

Madebo Fatunde

Madebo Fatunde
Writer & Futurist

Madebo Fatunde: Blackchain

Madebo Fatunde is completing his Master of Science in Foresight at the University of Houston. His research interests include futures of narrative, human augmentation, and creative labour. Previously, Madebo completed a B.A., English and Creative Writing from George Washington University. His writing on the future and other topics will be forthcoming at (not yet published).

Twitter: @digablemorsels


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