The Case of Work

How Can Arts and Fiction Help Envision More Diverse Futures?

The Case of Work comes out of Plurality University (U+). U+ intends to create an open, global, diverse collective that detects, connects, and federates people or organizations who mobilize the resources of the imaginary to broaden the scope of thinkable futures.

As a proof of concept, project WORK+ has collaboratively gathered 150+ fictional and artistic “fragments” on the futures of work. These include science fiction, visual and performing arts, speculative design, video games, utopias and manifestos, performances, and so on.

Based on this material, WORK+ has designed an open-source method to help groups and organizations kickstart collaborative thinking on the futures of work. The challenge:

• Use fiction and arts as leverage to embrace change
• Move away from conventional thinking on the future of work
• Dare invent more diverse futures and project oneself in them

Focus of The Case of Work

Daniel Kaplan outlines the WORK+ toolbox and reports on its initial experimentation. Kaplan presents along with Catherine Dufour, a science-fiction writer who took part in a collective book on the future of work called Au bal des actifs.

Moderator: Prerna Dudani

Presenters Daniel Kaplan & Catherine Dufour

Daniel Kaplan

The Case of Work
Daniel Kaplan
Co-Founder, Plurality University
Daniel Kaplan: The Case of Work Daniel Kaplan is a futurist and entrepreneur, with one leg in innovation, and another in fiction. He currently leads Plurality University, a global network of people who mobilize the resources of the imaginary to broaden the scope of thinkable futures. Before that, in 1986, he created one of the world’s first digital communication agencies, JKLM. In the 1990s, he contributed to the Internet’s development and evolution. In 2000, he created the Next-Generation Internet Foundation (FING), a nonprofit Think-&-Do-Tank to “anticipate digital transformations”. Daniel has been at the source of game-changing concepts such as “Self Data”, which inspired Europe’s right to data portability, and “Factor-4 innovation”, a method for projects aiming to produce radical environmental impacts. Contact: Website: Twitter: @kaplandaniel LinkedIn:

Catherine Dufour

The Case of Work

Catherine Dufour
Author & Engineer

Catherine Dufour: The Case of Work

Le français suit

Catherine Dufour is a French author of short fictions and novels. She is also a computer engineer and writes reviews for Le Monde diplomatique. In 2001, she published a book of light fantasy: “Blanche-Neige et les lance-missiles” followed by three other books of the series Quand les Dieux buvaient. Then she published science-fiction novels, among them Le goût de l’immortalité, and has won the Grand Prix de l’Imaginaire award in 2007. She began to publish with Fayard in 2012, with a book entitled L’histoire de France pour ceux qui n’aiment pas ça.

Entends la nuit (urban fantasy) published in 2018, is her twelfth book. Since 2016, she has been involved in a multi-faceted reflection on the society of tomorrow, Extricating our future, withinthe Zanzibar science fiction collective. She has lectured at Futur en Seine, ENS and Sciences-Po Paris, Tarnac and Nuits debout.

Catherine Dufour est ingénieure en informatique et chroniqueuse au Monde Diplomatique. Elle a publié en 2001 un livre de fantasy humoristique intitulé « Blanche-Neige et les lance-missiles », suivi des trois autres tomes de la série « Quand les Dieux buvaient. » Elle a ensuite publié des ouvrages de science-fiction, notamment « Le goût de l’immortalité », Grand Prix de l’Imaginaire 2007. Elle est entrée en 2012 chez Fayard avec « L’histoire de France pour ceux qui n’aiment pas ça ». « Entends la nuit » (fantasy urbaine), sorti en 2018 chez L’Atalante, est son douzième ouvrage.
Depuis 2016, elle participe à une réflexion plurielle sur la société de demain, Désincarcérer le futur, au sein du collectif d’auteur-es de science-fiction Zanzibar. Elle a donné des conférences à Futur en Seine, l’ENS et Sciences-Po Paris, ainsi qu’à Tarnac et à Nuits debout.


Website: [en français]

Twitter: @twittcdufour