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Diverse Futures Presenters

Futures Festival is a virtual gathering of futurists who are challenging the narratives we hear and see, but even more, it makes space for challenging conversations that are open to everyone. This year, we focus on Diverse Futures, therefore, the presenters you see here are extending and democratizing the discussion about futures to consider broader cross-sections of society. 

The remarkable 2018 session line-up is sure to generate dynamic and challenging conversations; however, it is also likely to highlight critical ethical considerations and challenge constrictive and outdated narratives. Sessions are 45 to 75 minutes in length and include at least 15 minutes for an interactive Q&A.

 2018 Futurists

REGISTER NOW. We will live-stream Diverse Futures via online conferencing. There is no cost to register or access the conferencing application. Toronto, Ontario, Canada is the hosting locale for Futures Festival ‘18: Diverse Futures. Time zone: GMT-4 (EDT), and sessions take place between 0700 and 1900 (EDT). Check out timeanddate.com for your time zone.

Aarathi Krishnan

How can design and cultural diversity decolonise humanitarian futures?
Aarathi Krishnan
Humanitarian Futures
Aarathi Krishnan & Jorge Camacho: Humanitarian Futures – How can design and cultural diversity decolonize human futures? Aarathi Krishnan specialises in humanitarian futures. She works in humanitarian futures and foresight for the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent, and as a Futures Fellow with the Inter-Agency Regional Analysts Network. She has a background in development program management and policy and has spent a lot of her early career working across Africa and Asia. Her work focuses on reimagining futures for the humanitarian system, and on specific global priorities. Her work covers training, research, horizon scanning and experiential futures. She has a specific interest in decolonised and feminist futures. Contact: aarathi23@gmail.com LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/aarathikrishnan/ Twitter: @akrishnan23
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Alexandra Levit

Humanity Works

Alexandra Levit
Managing Partner, PeopleResults

Alexandra Levit: Humanity Works – Merging technologies and people for the workforce of the future

Alexandra Levit is the author of the new book Humanity Works: Merging Technologies and People for the Workforce of the Future (Kogan Page, October 2018). A partner at PeopleResults, she helps Fortune 500 and government organizations and their leaders prepare for the future of work through proprietary research, consulting, and program development.

Contact: arl@alexandralevit.com

Levit website: www.alexandralevit.com

PeopleResults website: www.people-results.com

Twitter: @alevit | #humanityworks

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mjHIgEiUV8o


Working on Work Futures?

Alexandra Levit’s book: Humanity Works

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Aparna Ashok

Designing Ethical Futures

Aparna Ashok
Tech Anthropologist, Service Designer

Aparna Ashok: Designing Ethical Futures

Aparna Ashok is a tech anthropologist and service designer with a background in design strategy and social entrepreneurship. She conceptualises and designs business and technology experiences and validates them through early consumer insights. Aparna studies the interaction between people and digital solutions and the changing nature of technology and its impacts on society.

Website: http://www.aparnaashok.com/

Twitter: @aparnaashok_

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/ashokaparna/

Catherine Dufour

The Case of Work

Catherine Dufour
Author & Engineer

Catherine Dufour: The Case of Work

Le français suit

Catherine Dufour is a French author of short fictions and novels. She is also a computer engineer and writes reviews for Le Monde diplomatique. In 2001, she published a book of light fantasy: “Blanche-Neige et les lance-missiles” followed by three other books of the series Quand les Dieux buvaient. Then she published science-fiction novels, among them Le goût de l’immortalité, and has won the Grand Prix de l’Imaginaire award in 2007. She began to publish with Fayard in 2012, with a book entitled L’histoire de France pour ceux qui n’aiment pas ça.

Entends la nuit (urban fantasy) published in 2018, is her twelfth book. Since 2016, she has been involved in a multi-faceted reflection on the society of tomorrow, Extricating our future, withinthe Zanzibar science fiction collective. She has lectured at Futur en Seine, ENS and Sciences-Po Paris, Tarnac and Nuits debout.

Catherine Dufour est ingénieure en informatique et chroniqueuse au Monde Diplomatique. Elle a publié en 2001 un livre de fantasy humoristique intitulé « Blanche-Neige et les lance-missiles », suivi des trois autres tomes de la série « Quand les Dieux buvaient. » Elle a ensuite publié des ouvrages de science-fiction, notamment « Le goût de l’immortalité », Grand Prix de l’Imaginaire 2007. Elle est entrée en 2012 chez Fayard avec « L’histoire de France pour ceux qui n’aiment pas ça ». « Entends la nuit » (fantasy urbaine), sorti en 2018 chez L’Atalante, est son douzième ouvrage.
Depuis 2016, elle participe à une réflexion plurielle sur la société de demain, Désincarcérer le futur, au sein du collectif d’auteur-es de science-fiction Zanzibar. Elle a donné des conférences à Futur en Seine, l’ENS et Sciences-Po Paris, ainsi qu’à Tarnac et à Nuits debout.

Email: ktioucha@yahoo.fr

Website: https://kat.mecreant.org/ [en français]

Twitter: @twittcdufour

Daniel Kaplan

The Case of Work

Daniel Kaplan
Co-Founder, Plurality University

Daniel Kaplan: The Case of Work

Daniel Kaplan is a futurist and entrepreneur, with one leg in innovation, and another in fiction. He currently leads Plurality University, a global network of people who mobilize the resources of the imaginary to broaden the scope of thinkable futures. Before that, in 1986, he created one of the world’s first digital communication agencies, JKLM. In the 1990s, he contributed to the Internet’s development and evolution. In 2000, he created the Next-Generation Internet Foundation (FING), a nonprofit Think-&-Do-Tank to “anticipate digital transformations”. Daniel has been at the source of game-changing concepts such as “Self Data”, which inspired Europe’s right to data portability, and “Factor-4 innovation”, a method for projects aiming to produce radical environmental impacts.

Contact: dkaplan@plurality-university.org

Website: https://www.plurality-university.org/workplus/

Twitter: @kaplandaniel

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/kaplandaniel

David Buwalda

Making the Futures Present

David Buwalda
Foresight, Facilitation, and Learning Service Provider

David Buwalda: Making the Futures Present

David Buwalda is a group process facilitator and learning designer working in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. He’s had the privilege of working around the world leading grassroots social change projects. Recent clients include pastoral communities in East Africa, the Toronto Public Library and UBS bank. David’s background in urban planning and community engagement come together in his current project to bring strategic foresight practices to diverse people in diverse places.

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/david-buwalda-a0627613/

Dennis Osadebe

Let's bring art into the conversation of the future

Dennis Osadebe

Dennis Osadebe: Let’s bring art into the conversation of the future. Here’s why!

Dennis Osadebe’s strong use of colour and abstraction have become an iconic style for his vibrant work. Osadebe layers his own playful response to icons and symbols associated with fine art and employs aspects of mass culture, removing them from their context. In doing so, he creates a contemporary dialogue with iconography.

Website: http://www.dennisosadebe.com/

Art and Futures from Assoc. of Professional Futurists on Vimeo.

Fernando Galdino

Ethno-Futures: Already here, not evenly distributed

Fernando Galdino
Senior Researcher, GfK Verein

Fernando Galdino: Ethno-Futures

“Understanding people, culture and technology to create the next thing.”

Fernando Galdino is a designer, ethnographer, and futurist. Fernando is Brazilian-Italian and lives in Germany, where he works at GfK Verein exploring how people and organizations make decisions in markets and how it may change in the future. He has an MSc in Design Ethnography from the University of Dundee and post-Master’s in Smart Community Design and Management (SCoDeM) from Università degli Studi di Trento.

Contact: fernando.galdino@gfk-verein.org

Website: https://www.gfk-verein.org/en/research/future-and-trends

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/fernandogaldino/

Ignacio Tovar

Futurologi – Future Mindfulness

Ignacio Tovar
Founder, Head of Design Department, Leader of Innovation Committee, Futurologi, Tec de Monterrey, AMITI

Ignacio Tovar: Futurologi – Future Mindfulness

Ignacio Tovar is a creative engineer focused on contextual understanding. He has a BSc in Mechatronics Engineering from Tec de Monterrey, and also a MSc in Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Management from Imperial College London. Currently, he serves as Head of Department of the School of Industrial Design of Tec de Monterrey. In parallel, Ignacio developed a series of micro-conferences centred on the exploration of future scenarios under the name Futurologi. In his spare time, he develops a series of transdisciplinary projects to explore the architecture of creativity, ranging from furniture building to immersive experiences, to fashion.

Contact: ignacio@steed.mx

Website: futurologi.co

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/futurologi.co

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/ignatovar/

Jonathan Nalder

Futures in the classroom, today

Jonathan Nalder
Founding Director, FutureWe.org

Jonathan Nalder: Futures in the Classroom, Today

Jonathan Nalder has been an educator for 18 years. His mission has been to help learners and teachers transition to working digitally. Recently, he has chosen to ramp things up by founding the FutureWe.org community to think beyond today to help learners know how to plan for a successful future. As director, he investigates and has shared solutions across Australia, the US and Asia to ensure everyone can benefit from the digital future. Jonathan is convinced that education, digital learning and futures thinking have the potential to transform lives. As an Advance Queensland Digital Community Champion, ShapingEdu Ambassador, Apple Distinguished Educator and Gen In Student Innovation Challenge board member, he will continue to help learners shift their thinking and embrace the post-work era.

Website: http://www.jnxyz.vision/

Jorge Camacho

How can design and cultural diversity decolonise humanitarian futures?

Jorge Camacho
Designer and Foresight Consultant

Aarathi Krishnan & Jorge Camacho: Humanitarian Futures – How can design and cultural diversity decolonize human futures?

Jorge Camacho is a strategic designer and foresight consultant. He holds an MA Cybernetic Culture and a PhD in Cultural Studies, both from the University of East London. Jorge has worked as creative and strategist at JWT, Flock and Google Mexico and most recently as Head of Strategy, Uncommon, where he developed strategic design and foresight projects for private and public organizations. He currently teaches systems thinking and foresight at CENTRO, MA Design Studies, and MA Strategic Design and Innovation, Ibero, Mexico City.

Contact: jcamacho@centro.edu.mx

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/jorge-camacho-24858136/

Twitter: @j_camachor

Julieta Collart

Shaping the Future

Julieta Collart
Innovation Strategist

Julieta Collart: Shaping the Future

Julieta Collart is a systems-thinker, human-centred designer and foresight practitioner with over 10 years of experience. Born and raised in Honduras, Julieta constantly aims to bring the perspectives and realities of emerging markets as a business opportunity to consider in building and shaping the future. Currently, at Accenture Labs, Julieta is part of the core team building a new strategic thought leadership foresight program to drive innovation and improve the way the world works and lives.

LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/julietacollart

Madebo Fatunde


Madebo Fatunde
Writer & Futurist

Session: Blackchain

Madebo Fatunde is completing his Master of Science in Foresight at the University of Houston. His research interests include futures of narrative, human augmentation, and creative labour. Previously, Madebo completed a B.A., English and Creative Writing from George Washington University. His writing on the future and other topics will be forthcoming at saccadic.blog (not yet published).

Twitter: @digablemorsels

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/olumadebo-fatunde-78384b29/

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Blackchain from Assoc. of Professional Futurists on Vimeo.

Manik Perera Gunatilleke

Making Place: Diversity and Experiential Urban Publics

Manik Perera Gunatilleke
Urban Researcher/Artist

Manik Perera Gunatilleke: Making Place – Diversity and Experiential Urban Publics

Manik Perera Gunatilleke is an urban researcher and multimedia artist whose work explores the entanglement between technology and humans can co-create experiences of urban life in future cities. Her recent virtual reality work, bodies-cities St. James Town, uses inclusive and collaborative design practices to understand the nature of embodied urban bonds to public spaces and the ethics of designing for diversity.

Website: https://www.manikg.com/

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/manik-p-2b907616/

Twitter: @manikpg

Mariam Kauser

wrkwrkwrk collective / Feminist Internet

Mariam Kauser
Organizer, wrkwrkwrk Collective, and PhD Candidate, University of West London

Mariam Kauser: Making a Feminist Internet. How can we achieve variance, dismantle hierarchical structures and promote plurality in the Feminist Internet space?

Mariam Kauser co-organises wrkwrkwrk, an open study group supporting early career research in technoscience, feminism and decoloniality. Currently, she is a doctoral student at the University of West London, where she also teaches. Her research explores the political economy of YouTube. Mariam’s work is focused on unpacking historical legacies of gendered, racialised and ableist exclusions, alongside the performative and promotional role of bodies embedded within institutional hierarchies through the use of tagging, labelling and branding of bodies and identities in our increasingly digitised and interconnected world.

Contact: ms.mariam.kauser@gmail.com

Website: https://www.feministinternet.com

Twitter: @M_Kauser

Tumblr: https://wrkcollective.tumblr.com

Intersections, Orientations, Emotions: Thinking with Sara Ahmed – Audio discussion

Feminist Media Studies. Volume 16, 2016 – Issue 4. Roundtable talk on intergenerational feminism

Maya Zuckerman

Stories of Existential Hope

Maya Zuckerman
Social Entrepreneur/Futurist

Maya Zuckerman: Stories of Existential Hope

Maya Zuckerman is a social entrepreneur, futurist, culture hacker and emerging technology aficionado who applies the power of narrative, technology, and regenerative design to world-changing ideas. She works at the intersection of technology, culture change and clean tech. In her start-up career, Maya has worked and consulted with over 30 start-ups in the past few years, including as VP of Ops/Product and COO for two social ventures. Maya is also the co-chair of the IEEE Ethically Aligned Design Outreach committee – focusing on Ethics in AI/AS. She is also a SciFi writer working on her first trilogy, Em’s Theory.

Website: https://www.storiesofexistentialhope.com/

Stories of Existential Hope from Assoc. of Professional Futurists on Vimeo.

Nabil Harfoush

Futures of Canadian Identities

Dr Nabil Harfoush
Visiting Associate Professor, Harvard University, and Co-founder, Strongly Sustainable Business Model Group

Dr Nabil Harfoush: Futures of Canadian Identities

Dr Harfoush is currently a Visiting Associate Professor at Harvard University’s School of Engineering & Applied Science, where he teaches undergraduate and graduate courses on working in highly-diverse multi-disciplinary teams and on engaging with complex open-ended problems. He has taught graduate courses in Business Design, Business Model Innovation, and Strategic Foresight, at Jefferson University (Philadelphia) and OCAD University (Toronto). He is a co-founder of the Strongly Sustainable Business Model Group (SSBMG).

Nabil has over 42 years of experience as an engineer, technology strategist, entrepreneur, and executive. He is a serial entrepreneur, founder or co-founder of several companies. As a consultant, he has worked with enterprises, national governments, and international organization including the World Bank, W.H.O., UNESCO, and the International Development Research Center.

Prior to his academic career, he served as Chief Information Officer (CIO) of HelpCaster Technologies, MedcomSoft, and Nightingale Informatix. He has been invited to speak at École Nationale des Ponts et Chaussées (Paris, France), the Harvard Kennedy School, Politecnico de Milano (Italy) and the Harvard School of Engineering & Applied Science (SEAS).

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/nabilharfoush/

Njeri Mwagiru

African Futures

Njeri Mwagiru
Narratives, Footprints and Prospects, Institute For Futures Research, Stellenbosch University, South Africa

Session: African Futures

Njeri Mwagiru is a Kenyan national who has lived in different countries internationally and is resident in Cape Town, South Africa. She is the Senior Futurist at the Institute for Futures Research (IFR), Stellenbosch University, focused on African Futures. Njeri has a Masters: International Relations, and a Doctorate: Business Administration. Her research interests include leadership, organisational performance, knowledge, gender, diversity, and transformation. Her work supports long-term, integrated strategic planning, and facilitates organisational initiatives to maximise on potential and mitigate risks, towards desired futures in/for Africa. Njeri has worked with several organisations in various capacities and contexts: academia; research; executive management training; programme/project development and implementation; evaluation of initiatives for business, public sector, and international partners.

Contact: njeri@ifr.sun.ac.za

Website: www.ifr.sun.ac.za

Twitter: @ifrafrica #Futuresthinking

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African Futures from Assoc. of Professional Futurists on Vimeo.

Oliver Markley

Interdimensional sources of wisdom about the future

Oliver Markley
Co-Founder, Interdimensional Institute for Advanced Study

Oliver Markley & Ruth Miller: Interdimensional Communication: Interdimensional sources of wisdom about the future

Oliver Markley, Ph.D., P.E., is the co-founder of the Interdimensional Institute for Advanced Study together with co-presenter, Ruth L. Miller. He is Professor Emeritus and former Chair of the graduate program in Studies of the Future at the University of Houston-Clear Lake (UHCL)—a program that has subsequently moved to the main campus of the University of Houston. His career began as a design engineer but quickly shifted to social psychology and proactive policy research on possible/probable/preferable alternative futures — ultimately specializing in the development of intuition-based visioning methods for proactive insight, foresight and wise-choosing in order to help people to realize the futures they aspire to.

Contact: oliver@olivermarkley.com

Website: http://www.olivermarkley.com/

Website: http://i-dias.org/index.html

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Peter Bishop

Teaching the future in schools

Peter Bishop
Founder & Executive Director, Teach the Future

Peter Bishop: Teaching the Future in Schools – What do they really need to know?

Dr Bishop is the founder and executive director of Teach the Future, an organization whose mission is to encourage and support educators who want to include futures thinking in their classes and schools at all levels. In 2013, Dr Bishop retired as an Associate Professor of Strategic Foresight and Director of the graduate program in Foresight at the University of Houston.

Website: http://www.teachthefuture.org/

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Founding Board Member

Philipp Jordan

Science Fiction: Movies and Shows as Design Fictions

Philipp Jordan
PhD Candidate, University of Hawai’i at Mānoa

Philipp Jordan: Science Fiction – Movies and Shows as Design Fictions

Phil Jordan is a PhD candidate in the interdisciplinary Communication and Information Sciences PhD program at the University of Hawai’i at Mānoa. During his studies, he specialized in communication theories, social informatics as well as human-computer interaction. In addition to his doctoral studies, Phil was recently awarded an M.Sc. in Computer Sciences from his home institution. He holds an M.Sc. in Mechanical Engineering from the renowned University of Stuttgart, with foci in Industrial Design Engineering and Technology Management. Phil’s dissertation on science fiction and computer science was awarded one of six 2018 Garfield Dissertation Fellowships. His research has also been featured by the MIT Technology Review. He is currently finishing his dissertation on the relationship and role of science fiction in computer science research, education and application.

Contact: philippj@hawaii.edu

Website: https://www.researchgate.net/profile/Philipp_Jordan2

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Science Fiction: Movies and shows as design fictions from Assoc. of Professional Futurists on Vimeo.

Ruth Miller

Interdimensional sources of wisdom about the future

Ruth L. Miller
Co-Founder, Interdimensional Institute for Advanced Study

Oliver Markley & Ruth Miller: Interdimensional Communication: Interdimensional sources of wisdom about the future

Ruth Miller is the co-founder of the Interdimensional Institute for Advanced Study together with co-presenter, Oliver Markley. Dr Miller has taught dozens of classes and led countless workshops on new paradigms, systems thinking, and futures research, serving as director of the Cybernetic Systems Program at San Jose State University, as well as adjunct faculty at Antioch University-Seattle, Marylhurst University, and Portland State University. She has also taught courses on world religions, science and religion, adult education, metaphysics, and the business of ministry at the Living Enrichment Institute and New West Seminary—receiving the highest evaluations for her classes at all of these institutions. She currently offers classes and workshops throughout the Pacific Northwest and an online course about the emerging culture at Gaia Living Systems Institute.

Website: http://ruthlmillerphd.com/index.html

Website: http://i-dias.org/index.html

Shermon Cruz

Resurgent Cities from a Global South Perspective

Shermon Cruz
Director, Center for Engaged Foresight

Shermon Cruz: Resurgent Cities from a Global South Perspective

Shermon Cruz specializes in research and innovation, strategic planning and design thinking, sustainability, resilience and strategic foresight, wicked problems and deconstruction analysis, reframing and strategy development, policy formulation and evaluation, business continuity planning, environmental scanning, quality assurance, event organizing and workshop facilitation.

Cruz is an expert in futures-informed strategy development and foresight-driven strategic planning tools and methods such as the causal layered analysis, emerging issues analysis, futures landscape, futures triangle, futures wheel analysis, scenarios, backcasting, visioning, timing the future, environmental scanning and incasting.

Shermon’s full profile >

Contact: engagedforesight@gmail.com

Website: https://engagedforesight.com/

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Maggie Greyson

Futures Festival Organizer

Maggie Greyson
Designer, Futurist, Writer

Maggie Greyson is the Winner of the Next Generation Foresight Practitioner Special Award for North America from the School of International Futures for her work as a Designer Futurist. Robust research and creative risk-taking define her career. She has designed for the stage with International Shakespeare’s Globe, the Stratford Theatre Festival and others in Canada, US and UK. She has also designed interactive online experiences for Fortune 100 organizations that gained international recognition for innovative storytelling methods.

Maggie’s mandate is to help people to get comfortable with uncertainty so that they play a meaningful part in the future. Presently, she is looking for leaders to extend the reach and adoption of a foresight mindset in everyone for everyday decisions.

She has a Master of Design, Strategic Foresight and Innovation, OCADU, and Bachelor of Design, Theatre, Concordia.

Recognition: Association of Professional Futurists 2018 Emerging Fellow

Contact Maggie Greyson

Email: mg@futurespresent.com

Consulting website: www.futurespresent.com

Twitter: @futurespresent1

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/maggiegreyson/

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Podcast: #TheFutureOf Podcast | Episode 1 | Self disrupt or get disrupted?

Thesis: Making the Futures Present

Work cited in
Candy, S. and Kornet, K. (2019). Turning Foresight Inside Out: An Introduction to Ethnographic Experiential Futures. Journal of Futures Studies, 23(3): 3–22.
Talag, C. (2019). Narrative journeys: Play therapy for emerging adulthood. (final thesis). Master of Arts, Dun Laoghaire Institute of Art, Design + Technology.

Other APF: Diverse Futures (2018) session: Making the Futures Present

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