Ana González

Sense and Sensibility. Key points to ecological thinking of the Change markers

I would like to present Ecómetro project. Doing so I will Share our 9 years the experience of the ecómetro team changing the System. Throughout this time, using a trial-and-error approach, we have learned some notions on how to articulate change in environments which remain insensitive to ecological and sustainable thinking. Ecómetro is a non-profit association that develops open-source software tools to design, measure and asses the impact of construction on the environment. Its objective is to introduce the sustainability dimension of the construction sector. Buildings are one of the largest energy-consuming sectors in the world, representing almost 30% of the world’s final energy consumption and reaching 40% in the European Union. It is also has a high impact on natural resources, both in origin (production) and end (waste). When we began our journey with our idea of a free, open and accessible software tool for everyone; both groups, the scientific community, and the private sector were reluctant. Today, we have the support of the national research centre (CSIC) and we have already certified several projects. The lessons learned from our experience in this particular radical transformation can be summarized in three main key points into which we will dive during the presentation: Stakeholders involved, long-short envisioning and relevant message.


Ana is a strategic and services designer who has also trained at the h2i institute in design thinking and agile methodologies (planning with Scrum and Kanban), also Futures design with Jorge Camacho. The ability to find a solution to almost any problem is the result of having the ability to see things from a different perspective. She feels fascinated by new technologies and their ability to transform the common ground. Innovative, inclusive and socially diverse projects are her focus. From 2010 to 2017 she worked as an architect for the development of sustainable and ecological projects, mainly private, small-scale and focused on health, high energy efficiency and design. Her interest in the ecological and social perspective made it part of the creation of the Ecómetro. In 2017 she takes the leap to the strategic design by the hand of Rrebrand, a triple balance company, where she works currently.

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