Deepak Singh

Decarbonizing the Transport Sector

We are aware of Delhi’s pollution news each year, especially during the winters. The pollution through vehicles is one of the reasons. The Electric Vehicles (EV) are one such domain which promises the city of Delhi and the whole of India to leapfrog and decarbonize the transport sector. However, EV require green energy sources like solar PV to fuel its charging cycles. Imagine the proliferating EV demand without sufficient renewable sources oriented charging. It will require both state and non-state system integrators which will act as a catalyst to expand the Indian transport system to absorb the EV successfully on the streams of solar rooftop powered systems. I propose to present the plausible pathways which can bring the solar-rooftop households closer to EV drivers for developing a pool of retail-charging stations across a city. This will also explain how to engage or club the existing Indian Government schemes where local e-rickshaw and the sub-way transport company can be engaged as a last-mile connectivity solution. Three important components of the system will be: a) Software Application converging different prosumers and consumers together; b) Developing hardware and c) Developing human interface through behavioral research and interventions.


Dr Deepak Singh is the Postdoctoral Fellow in the Department of Geography and Resource Management at the Chinese University of Hong Kong. He holds a PhD and M.Phil in Science Policy from Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi. Prior to his academic work, he has also worked as an electrical engineer in the energy and power sector. His key areas of research are energy and environmental research through the lens of science, technology and policy studies.

Keywords: Sense of place; Environmental; Technological; Education; Thriving communities; Transparency; New models; New alternative systems


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