Jonathan Nalder

Explore and Relate – radical solutions for a revolutionary time from the FutureWe Community

How a crowdsourced framework and solutions is making a practical difference in spreading futures thinking into Education and beyond

We are all living through a time of radical transformation. It’s been called many things – the 4th Industrial Revolution, the Anthropocene, The Great Displacement, the fully digital era. What all agree on is that it’s marked by tech that can now replace human mental abilities en mass for the first time. The challenge of what skills help us succeed no matter what change comes is what the FutureWe community founded in Australia 2016 has been working on – and now we have an amazing story of crowd-sourced mapping tools and collaborative solutions to share in a huge update from our Education Futures session from the 2018 Futures Festival. Participants will get to play with examples of just where automation is up to in late 2019, and see how this links to what the FutureWe community has come together to create. Spoiler – we are focusing on the radically transforming idea that exploring ideas without set outcomes, and relating to each other – if done first – mean all our futures will be brighter!


Over 20 years in Edu, I’ve seen how Learning, digital tools (STEAM, AR/VR, mobile) & futures thinking ( transform lives. Now, as a globally awarded innovator, Digital Coach at St Peters Lutheran College, Advance Queensland Digital Champion, HundrEd Advsior, ShapingEdu Ambassador, & iWorld STEAM Ambassador, I actively help leaders & learners shift thinking to embrace the coming fully digital, AI era.

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