Niki Nikolovski

Returning to the Land

The presentation will elaborate on some of the key ideas mentioned in my bio. – learned values of a small town vs a large city – how they have hindered and/or helped me thrive – why I chose winemaking and grape growing as a conduit to embody my values – how this change has shifted my mindset and improved my well-being – how is this new environment creating a shift in the status quo – why I believe this may be a future resonant to others


My name is Niki. I used to be a city dweller, capitalist, living in a condo in the sky. My childhood exposed me to a very different experience; spending summers in an agrarian community in Macedonia. These polar environments supported opposing values of life that challenged me. After a decade of working professionally in the city, I had to leave it behind. In 2017, I moved to the southeastern tip of Australia to pursue a rural life that was more aligned with my core values. The entirety of my life experiences culminated to my journey now. I work outdoors nurturing an ecosystem of grapevines and making wine organically. My future is a place where my actions are synonymous with my values, grounded in nature and supported by a humane local economy.

Keywords: Sense of place; Environmental; Thriving communities; Transparency


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