Patrick Robinson

Roundtable: Futures of Food – We are – and will become – what we eat

Food is one of our most fundamental experiences, touching almost every aspect of human endeavor. How we approach feeding ourselves — as individuals, as a culture and as a planet — will be one of the defining challenges of our shared future. Here in Toronto there is a remarkable array of individuals exploring novel approaches to food, and their stories and successes are setting the stage for the Futures of Food. For Futures Festival ’19 we are inviting 5 local food innovators to share what they have learned from the past, what they are doing in the present and how they envision the future. Across topics from food policy, justice and sovereignty, to the future of bars, restaurants and home-cooked meals, we will explore a diverse range of perspectives on what and how we will be eating in years to come. This session will include 5 short presentations + Q&A and be followed by a family-style dinner party hosted at The Depanneur where speakers and guests will share a meal inspired by their vision of the future. How can what and how we eat shape and transform the future we share?


Patrick Robinson is a social-minded design thinker. Working to elevate and activate a betterment agenda alongside educational leaders and professional associations; Patrick is an active member of APF the Association of Professional Futurists and the SDN the Service Design Network.
Patrick has instructed at OCAD U, Humber College, George Brown College and is a past board member of the MIT Enterprise Forum.