Alethia Montero

Introduction to tackling wicked personal futures. Shadow works.

Unveil deep insights integrally to build conscious futures.

Personal Futures are as varied as drops are in the ocean. But, how to build “good” and conscious personal futures? “Mental health (a happy and positive state of mind) facilitates ethical consciousness and behavior, and mental misery and disorder provokes unethical behavior” (Lombardo, 2016). At this point, then we should work on mental health to tackle possible/plausible wicked personal futures. Several mental disorders, predominating Anxiety and Depression, are affecting most age groups (OMS, 2018). A key issue to work on an improvement of mental health is the shadow work. What does the shadow mean? “The shadow is a psychological term for everything we cannot see in ourselves. It is the “dark side” of our personality because it consists chiefly of primitive, negative human emotions and impulses like rage, envy, greed, selfishness, desire, and the striving for power” (Jeffrey, 2018). Working with our shadow, among other elements, will lead to radical transformations in the persons’ self. While building futures, every person is, somehow, developing a Futures-self. A most positive development of a Futures-self pursues personal growth and personal development. This is a virtual mini-workshop to do some shadow work exercises. This way of working has been applied to people that had approach to work on their Personal Futures, with significant results.


Psychofuturartist. Pioneer of Teatro del Devenir as a Futures technique Generator of the Psychoprospective theory along with Psychofuturartist Martha Jaramillo (Colombia). Teach the future México Director and Teach the Future Executive Board member Personal Futures Adviser. Former Director of the World Future Society Mexican Chapter, A.C. ® WFSF, APF member and of Futurists Board in Advisory Board of The Lifeboat Foundation. Co-founder of the Permanent seminary of Prospective Studies FCPyS, UNAM, Mexico City Counselor of the “Design of the tomorrow” Specialty at Centro de diseño, cine y televisión (CDMX). WFSF President’s Outstanding Young Woman Futurist 2016 winner. National and International Professor, lecturer and workshop cordinator. Has written several articles in English and Spanish. Co-translator of It’s Your Future…Make It a Good One and A Personal Futures Workshop(Verne Wheelwright).