Andrew Holland

Humanizing The Budget Process- The Participatory Budgeting Experiment

Humanizing The Budget Process- The Participatory Budgeting Experiment presentation will allow the audience to get a glimpse of how the City of Durham was able to introduce and successfully implement Participatory Budgeting (PB) in Durham. In many cases, organizational budgets can be perceived as complicated and not as in engaging which results in a lack of participation especially individuals from underserved communities. When budgets are developed and adopted in many levels of governments, they tend to leave out the true needs and wants from marginalized communities. Furthermore, this may not be on purpose. This could be due to a poorly developed outreach and engagement strategy that does not reach individuals who are not traditionally engaged in the budget process. In 2018, the City of Durham allowed the city of Durham residents 13 years and older to decide how to spend $2.4 million dollars of the city’s budget to improve their communities. Moreover, the goal was to ensure that underserved communities had a front-row seat throughout the PB process when projects were identified, developed, and voting on for implementation in an equity lens. Most importantly, the ultimate goal of PB is to have marginalized communities more engaged not only in the budget process but in other governmental processes. In addition, this is the Participatory Budgeting experiment.


Andrew Holland currently serves as the Budget Engagement Manager with the City of Durham Budget & Management Services Department. Andrew oversees the Participatory Budgeting Durham initiative for the City of Durham. Prior to joining the City of Durham, Andrew was the Assistant to the County Manager for Mecklenburg County, NC in which he coordinated the county’s Enterprise Risk Management program and worked on special projects. He also spent time with the City of Fayetteville, NC as the Assistant to the City Manager and was the Business Analyst for the City of Durham, Fleet Management Department. Andrew received his Master’s of Public Administration from North Carolina Central University and Bachelor of Science in Urban & Regional Planning from East Carolina University.

Keywords: Thriving communities


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