Graciela Guadarrama

Graciela Guadarrama Baena
Graciela Guadarrama
Design Researcher | Strategist | Futurist

Graciela Guadarrama has experience in innovation and design from problem finding to solving – she likes to make sense of the complex, wicked problems critical to a sustainable future. Originally from Mexico City, her background is in Industrial design; particular areas she works in are social innovation, design and systems thinking, and mapping. She is an avid workshop facilitator and enjoys participatory, co-creation sessions. Graciela incorporates in her practice both primary and secondary research methodologies and her interest and expertise include Experiential Futures and Strategic Foresight. Grace has worked with the public sector, nonprofits and startups as well as with big companies such as BASF and Compass Group. Her projects often vary in the expertise within the team and the industries themselves, which has shown her the many applications of design and the myriad faces of innovation. She is now part of Futures Space, a network of freelance Futurists in Germany who help organizations shape a better future.

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Thesis: Air Pollution in Mexico City

Article: My Journey into Space

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