Li Koo

The Future is Resiliency: Intercultural Communications

Education, Unconscious Bias, Action and Allyship

As resiliency is the ability to adapt successfully in the face of stress and adversity, learning how to be resilient is a survival skill of the future. The purpose of this presentation is to help people understand that success is based on one’s mindset, skillset and action. Understanding unconscious bias and how it impacts our lens and decisions is critical to understanding what is required of ourselves and others in an ever changing world where cultural dynamics influence how we communicate or miscommunicate with one another. Participants will be engaged in a minds-on, three part lesson that begins with conceptualizing what success looks like and connecting how unconscious bias impacts the way people engage with one another, followed by a strategic tool to improve intercultural communications and finally how action is the key factor to move visualization into actualization. Participants open to the presentation’s concept will leave with greater insight, inspiration and a critical thinking tool that can be applied to every communication activity and increase successful engagement. As a teacher and former museum educator over the past 20 years, I have seen the positive impact on students as they build their confidence and find their voice to advocate for themselves and others. Many of these students are now influencers in their peer group and agents of change.


Li Koo is an educator, city builder, and advocate for a better tomorrow. Her diversity of experience includes educating the next generation of leaders, building a vibrant arts and culture centre and advocating for increased access to justice for vulnerable and newcomer communities. Li is a global citizen, having worked across many sectors around the world. These include the not for profit, government (political offices and agency), corporate and educational sectors. Grounded in community she has always worked hard to make a difference on a personal, local and global level. She is currently a college professor and working in real estate in Toronto.