Lourdes Serrano

Foresight Personal Financial Wellbeing

The different signals of the future that have an impact on the household economy are several: from the evolution of the work that has been redefining, who, how or where people works; to social security systems, to the dynamics of population ageing, are some examples of variables that can create risks for societies. People may find themselves in need to continue working at advanced ages, or they will be at risk of living in conditions of marginalization greater than the current ones. I have worked on a prospective model that integrates three levels of household economy analysis. In the first one, the macro scenarios provide us with the context of socio-economic systems which create public social welfare policies. The second one, micro-scenarios use variables of working status and social security services that influence the quality of life of families. In the third level, a model is introduced to create personal scenarios applied to the household economy, and which also integrates coaching elements to facilitate users to explore the possibilities of the future in different personal topics. Finally, economic resources are only a vehicle to materialize those images of their future.


Lourdes Serrano is a personal financial coach, strategist and futurist. Being from Mexico City has given her a street wise sense of bottom of the pyramid reality, needs and resilient spirit. Her purpose is to serve the self-transformation and support the personal journey of each person, from hope to fullness in order to unleash the best of themselves. Lourdes designed a Foresight Personal Financial Wellbeing Model and has been working as workshop facilitator in public and private organizations in Mexico. She loves participatory and experiential sessions where participants can open their minds, hearts and will to new possibilities and create their future scenarios. With a Master’s in leadership and Innovation in Complex Systems by the Aarhus University and Copenhagen Business School, and a Business Management bachelor’s degree. Lourdes has other endeavors as business mentor, conscious investor and finance’s professor at Centro de diseño, cine y televisión.