Maggie Greyson

Maggie Greyson
Maggie Greyson
Designer, Futurist, Writer

Maggie Greyson is the Winner of the Next Generation Foresight Practitioner Special Award for North America from the School of International Futures for her work as a Designer Futurist. Robust research and creative risk-taking define her career. She has designed for the stage with International Shakespeare’s Globe, the Stratford Theatre Festival and others in Canada, US and UK. She has also designed interactive online experiences for Fortune 100 organizations that gained international recognition for innovative storytelling methods.

Maggie’s mandate is to help people to get comfortable with uncertainty so that they play a meaningful part in the future. Presently, she is looking for leaders to extend the reach and adoption of a foresight mindset in everyone for everyday decisions.

She has a Master of Design, Strategic Foresight and Innovation, OCADU, and Bachelor of Design, Theatre, Concordia.

Recognition: Association of Professional Futurists 2018 Emerging Fellow

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