Medina Abdelkader

Medina Abdelkader, Diverse Futures Organizer
Medina Abdelkader
Design Strategist

Medina Abdelkader is a design strategist working with small organizations and teams looking to build novel offerings or expand into new markets, therefore she works at the intersection of research and operations. Her work draws on social neuroscience, uncertainty, diversity, and bias. She works with partners at various stages of their journey to conduct research. As a result, they can clearly find and frame problems, research, develop and execute strategy, and deliver projects.

Medina has an undergraduate degree in Political Science and Communication Studies, and also a Masters of Design, Strategic Foresight and Innovation. Currently, she is pursuing a Juris Doctor at the University of Victoria in B.C.


Thesis: Only Human: Towards a neuroscience-based understanding of future-facing organizational culture