Melvine Obollah

Reproductive Justice

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This project is about reproductive health justice. Adhering to the right to access to information, this project will give access to adolescent girls and young women the access to SRHR information and services. There has been a lot of cases of Rape, femicide and defilement of young boys and girls. With SRHR information with them, they are able to act accordingly so that the perpetrators get what they deserve. This year alone, 70 women have been killed( Counting Dead Women Kenya) by their intimate partner and all of killers walk freely. Making the men accountable for the deaths will lower the cases of femicide. Following up with policymakers to make death penalties to those who have raped, defiled or killed a woman, Having grassroots feminist convenings/community dialogues to unpack violence, femicide and understand rights as defensive mechanism.


Melvine Obola is a young feminist in Kenya zealous about adolescent girls and young women’s access to SRHR information, services and rights. She voluntary works with Young Women’s Leadership Institute (YWLI) as Social Media strategist, amplifying feminists’ work on social media spaces. She envisions for a violence free society where there is respect for human rights and dignity regardless of one’s origin, race, sexuality or culture.

Facebook: Melvine Obollah Akinyi

Twitter: @melvineobollah