Art and Futures

Let’s bring art into the Conversation of the future. Here’s why!

Art and Futures is a session led by artist Dennis Osadebe. For centuries artists have played an important role in predicting the future. This is because of the ability of art as a tool to empower people and to encourage us to cherish intuition, uncertainty and to search constantly for new and unorthodox ideas which help us deal with contemporary issues today.

In today’s world, where 4.2 billion people have access to data. One of the great challenges is that there is no strong feeling of being part of a global community. This often makes people feel untouched by the problems of others and global issues like climate change, even when they could easily do something to help. Our access to data today, often makes us feel overwhelmed and disconnected and not empowered and poised for action. This is where Art can make a difference in an entirely unique way. 

Engaging with a good work of art can connect you to your senses, body, and mind. It can make the world felt and this feeling may spur thinking and engagement, and even action.

Focus of Art and Futures

Dennis Osadebe leads a discussion about:

• The power of art in the context of foresight and futures-thinking.
• Ways to critically approach the future with art as a tool.
• How art and technology are paving the way in the continent of Africa and empowering people from the continent to share their stories with the world.

Moderator Jermaine Henry

Presenter Dennis Osadebe

Dennis Osadebe

Let's bring art into the conversation of the future
Dennis Osadebe
Dennis Osadebe: Let’s bring art into the conversation of the future. Here’s why! Dennis Osadebe’s strong use of colour and abstraction have become an iconic style for his vibrant work. Osadebe layers his own playful response to icons and symbols associated with fine art and employs aspects of mass culture, removing them from their context. In doing so, he creates a contemporary dialogue with iconography. Website: Art and Futures from Assoc. of Professional Futurists on Vimeo.