Stories of Existential Hope

If we cannot dream about a flourishing future, how can we work towards one?

Stories of Existential Hope starts with narratives that bridge the false dichotomy of stories of doom versus narratives of hope. Then to find a golden path to tell a tale that can bring both forward.

We start by keeping the stories of the lone saviour in the past. Hence, we want to bring forward our true ancient wisdom of the tribe and mix it with the 21st-century framework of intersectional and diverse voices from all over the world. We start with Stories of Existential Hope.

Our mainstream media channels are writhe with post-apocalyptic tales. The more we give focus to the doom and gloom, the less hope we have for global humanity to roll up its sleeves and tackle the most significant task. We have to create a future for our descendants on a thriving planet. So how do we start?

Focus of Stories of Existential Hope

Maya Zukerman discusses memes, myths and ideas around how we might change the narrative and move into Stories of Existential Hope.

Participants create a framework and mythology for the future that we want to build together based on ideas from regenerative design. The emphasis is on building a future world for humanity – on a thriving planet.

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Moderator Amy Hosotsuji

Presenter Maya Zuckerman

Maya Zuckerman

Stories of Existential Hope
Maya Zuckerman
Social Entrepreneur/Futurist
Maya Zuckerman: Stories of Existential Hope Maya Zuckerman is a social entrepreneur, futurist, culture hacker and emerging technology aficionado who applies the power of narrative, technology, and regenerative design to world-changing ideas. She works at the intersection of technology, culture change and clean tech. In her start-up career, Maya has worked and consulted with over 30 start-ups in the past few years, including as VP of Ops/Product and COO for two social ventures. Maya is also the co-chair of the IEEE Ethically Aligned Design Outreach committee – focusing on Ethics in AI/AS. She is also a SciFi writer working on her first trilogy, Em’s Theory. Website: Stories of Existential Hope from Assoc. of Professional Futurists on Vimeo.