Futures in the Classroom, Today

The FutureWe Readiness Framework

Futures in the Classroom Today is a session about futures and foresight-thinking in the context of today’s students. The workshop provides an overview of the FutureWe Readiness Framework. It is also a big picture map of the skills needed to dream tomorrow and adapt to the future.

The stated problem is that school systems in most countries are ostensibly about preparing students for the future. However, at the current pace, the sum total of human knowledge doubles every few years. Therefore, the job of fitting what’s needed into 12 years of school has become impossible. The session’s premise is that it is much better to help students know how to adapt no matter what comes.

Focus of Futures in the Classroom Today

Jonathan Nalder founded FutureWe in 2016. The project began with the Future-U Community and in 2018 expanded to FutureWe.org. Nalder focuses on four critical missions. He pushes you to think beyond the classroom today and encourages you to “Help learners and leaders know how to dream up their jobs, vocations, and futures, together.”

Educator of 18 years and FutureWe founder, Jonathan Nalder, explores what futures thinking looks like in the classroom. The session also describes what is happening as the FutureWe Readiness Framework is being deployed in Australia right now.

Moderator Charles O’Brien

Presenter Jonathan Nalder

Jonathan Nalder

Futures in the classroom, today
Jonathan Nalder
Founding Director, FutureWe.org
Jonathan Nalder: Futures in the Classroom, Today Jonathan Nalder has been an educator for 18 years. His mission has been to help learners and teachers transition to working digitally. Recently, he has chosen to ramp things up by founding the FutureWe.org community to think beyond today to help learners know how to plan for a successful future. As director, he investigates and has shared solutions across Australia, the US and Asia to ensure everyone can benefit from the digital future. Jonathan is convinced that education, digital learning and futures thinking have the potential to transform lives. As an Advance Queensland Digital Community Champion, ShapingEdu Ambassador, Apple Distinguished Educator and Gen In Student Innovation Challenge board member, he will continue to help learners shift their thinking and embrace the post-work era. Website: http://www.jnxyz.vision/