Making Place

Diversity and Experiential Urban Publics

Making Place is about cities like Toronto (for example, Manik’s project, bodies-cities St. James Town). They are transforming rapidly on all fronts – physical and cultural – with implications for the human diversity within. Even more, for a large immigrant population, and for the Indigenous reconciliation process that is integral to Canada’s future, the transformation is underway.

Focus of Making Place

Manik Perera Gunatilleke reflects on her work to understand the complexity within the relationship between human bodies and the urban environment, as mediated by immersive technology, and its implications for diverse futures in urban placemaking. In a human-centred design process, her recent work integrated ethnography and immersive design practices in virtual reality, to explore and understand the implications of integrating the body’s ways of knowing into a spatial design that uses emerging technology. 

Moderator Roxanne Nicolussi

Presenter Manik Perera Gunatilleke

Manik Perera Gunatilleke

Making Place: Diversity and Experiential Urban Publics
Manik Perera Gunatilleke
Urban Researcher/Artist
Manik Perera Gunatilleke: Making Place – Diversity and Experiential Urban Publics Manik Perera Gunatilleke is an urban researcher and multimedia artist whose work explores the entanglement between technology and humans can co-create experiences of urban life in future cities. Her recent virtual reality work, bodies-cities St. James Town, uses inclusive and collaborative design practices to understand the nature of embodied urban bonds to public spaces and the ethics of designing for diversity. Website: LinkedIn: Twitter: @manikpg