Resurgent Cities

From a Global South Perspective

Resurgent Cities from a Global South Perspective is a session that addresses the following questions:

• What would a resurgent city look like from a Global South perspective?
• What does it mean to be resurgent?
• What might be the drivers, emerging issues, systems, narratives, values, and myths that make a city resurgent?
• What is the future of cities when viewed from a resurgent standpoint?
• Is there a difference between resilient and resurgence, and resilient and resurgent cities?

Of the 15 countries ranked as highly exposed and vulnerable to natural disasters, the majority of these countries are from the Global South. The cities of these countries are much less competent when dealing with complex risks in interconnected systems. There are signs of strains in many of these cities in absorbing the impacts of these risks. Thes include extreme weather events, natural disasters, failure of climate change mitigation and adaptation, biodiversity loss and ecosystem collapse, large-scale involuntary migration and water crisis and more so of their capability or capacity to “rise again” after an impact.

Focus of Resurgent Cities from a Global South Perspective

Shermon Cruz, Director, Center for Engaged Foresight, leads this session. He presents and discusses seven years of strategic foresight and futures work on alternative city futures. This work utilized diverse futures tools and techniques and engaged approximately 7,000 participants. Settings were formal and informal and work was conducted in classrooms, workshops, and conferences. Locations include a number of Global South cities like Manila, Davao, Penang, Bangkok, Tonga, Vientiane, and Jakarta.

Cruz says, “I have leveraged from my discussions with colleagues from South Africa in my exploration of Global South city futures. In all of these engagements an alternative future city  – that is, resurgent cities – came about.”


City Futures for City Leaders Penang
Alternative futures of global governance: scenarios and perspectives from the Global South
Building Resilient Cities of the Future
Human Futures (No. 1 December 2016)

Editors note: Definition of regional classification Global South from the Wikimedia Foundation.

Moderator Manpreet Juneja

Presenter Shermon Cruz

Shermon Cruz

Resurgent Cities from a Global South Perspective
Shermon Cruz
Director, Center for Engaged Foresight

Shermon Cruz: Resurgent Cities from a Global South Perspective

Shermon Cruz specializes in research and innovation, strategic planning and design thinking, sustainability, resilience and strategic foresight, wicked problems and deconstruction analysis, reframing and strategy development, policy formulation and evaluation, business continuity planning, environmental scanning, quality assurance, event organizing and workshop facilitation.

Cruz is an expert in futures-informed strategy development and foresight-driven strategic planning tools and methods such as the causal layered analysis, emerging issues analysis, futures landscape, futures triangle, futures wheel analysis, scenarios, backcasting, visioning, timing the future, environmental scanning and incasting.

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