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Session: A Plate Full of Hope

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The presentation will be about how I used the covid-19 crisis to create a movement called ‘A Plate Full of Hope’ that used art to provide meals and hope to millions across India. It brought together artists, charities, good samaritans and art-loves from all over the world. In total 150,000 meals were provided to the needy in just the span of one month https://www.theplatedproject.com/(opens new window) . When covid-19 struck India, 140 million people lost their jobs, out of these over 100 million were migrant workers and daily wage earners.

As a founder of an innovation collective, I wanted to use my skills to help these migrant workers. I reached out to 20 global artists and created art with them that showcased hope during the crisis. I used these to create limited edition art-plates. 100% of the sales’ proceeds were donated to charity and each plate sold = 250 meals provided. We sold out the entire collection in 25 days! In less than a month, we had over 40 global publications talk about this initiative. I launched a commerce store on zero budgets using wix, marketed this on Instagram with no spends and did many more things which can inspire all of us to make a difference. At the end, I want to inspire people to think that one person and a small action can make a big difference.


Chitresh Sinha (he/him)

Founder and Head of Innovation @ A Plate Full of Hope

Chitresh is an innovator focussed on connecting the dots. Founded a global initiative to use art to help end hunger. Created a cross-disciplinary innovation lab with 800 global innovators working together to solve complex business, brand or societal problems.

Twitter: https://twitter.com/tuneninja

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/theplatedproject/