Shaping the Future

Wild Ideas: Introducing futures methods to colleagues

Shaping the Future addresses the fact strategists and policymakers often view foresight as a thought exercise that often falls short of influencing strategy and guiding action. This session explores ways in which foresight can enable and drive change today. Also, Julieta will share a fun way of introducing futures methods to colleagues with no foresight experience and encourage diverse and wild ideas.

Focus of Shaping the Future

Julieta Collart leads a talk based on her work experience at Accenture Labs, practising foresight and helping build a strategic foresight-action program. 

Moderator Graciela Guadarrama Baena

Presenter Julieta Collart 

Julieta Collart

Shaping the Future
Julieta Collart
Innovation Strategist
Julieta Collart: Shaping the Future Julieta Collart is a systems-thinker, human-centred designer and foresight practitioner with over 10 years of experience. Born and raised in Honduras, Julieta constantly aims to bring the perspectives and realities of emerging markets as a business opportunity to consider in building and shaping the future. Currently, at Accenture Labs, Julieta is part of the core team building a new strategic thought leadership foresight program to drive innovation and improve the way the world works and lives. LinkedIn: