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Session: Amplifying Womxn's Voices: Confronting Patriarchy and Imposter Syndrome

Type: Workshop

Amidst a global pandemic, Covid-19 has exacerbated inequities against marginalized groups and perpetuated the oppression and violence against womxn and girls worldwide. Through global social uprisings, we have witnessed how the diverse voices, narratives and resiliency of womxn worldwide are more important than ever to be centered within the process of re-designing and transforming a post Covid world.

This session will support you in:

  • Identifying the historical and social constructs embedded within society that continue to condition and socialize diverse girls and young women to shrink themselves and erode their self worth, whether in the classroom, boardroom and world stage.
  • Exploring the ways that Covid-19 continues to amplify gender inequities locally and globally
  • Understanding the importance of having women share their diverse narratives and its contribution to global transformation
  • Confronting patriarchy and imposter syndrome to find your Voice through interactive activities and resource sharing


See the video on Vimeo from APF.


Wendy De Souza (she/her)

Public Educator & Speaker

Wendy De Souza is a cis Latinx woman with Indigenous ancestry from Brazil, born and raised in Toronto Canada. She brings over 9+ years as an experienced public educator, prolific speaker and community mobilizer bringing conversations around equity, inclusion and women's liberation to the forefront. As a facilitator, feminist and workshop developer, her work is rooted in decolonizing spaces and practices by working from an intersectional feminist lens and an anti-colonial/anti-oppressive framework. In her intergenerational and cross-sectoral collaborations with the Toronto District School Board, Human Rights Legal Support Centre (HRLSC) and Canadian Alliance of Student Associations, she has been recognized for her extraordinary commitment to using arts-based practices to foster individual transformation and systems change. Through an interactive and dynamic approach, Wendy's energy inspires us to consciously co-create the communities around us through self transformation and liberation.