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Full Spectrum Futures

Saturday October 24, 2020

Thank you to our 40+ speakers, all 700+ registered participants, and the team that worked tirelessly to organize FuturesFest20, we wrap up the festival with the release all session videos!

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2020 continues to change our lives in dramatic ways. Globally.

Over the course of the last two years, we are proud that Futures Festival has become a free public knowledge sharing event centered on Futures Thinking. In our efforts to finalize the 2020 theme, it dawned on us, that we don’t want to jump themes every year. In fact, we want to stay committed to the same one that has been at the core of our event from its inception: that of Inclusivity and Plurality, and have each year, instead, look at different aspects and angles. This remains a feeling of critical importance with each passing year.

We all know that 2020 is continuing to change our lives in dramatic ways. Globally. To use our theme last year - ‘radical transformations’ are unfolding in front of us. There is an aftermath of confusion, pain, and loss, but also that of new opportunities and possibilities.

Because after Collapse comes Transformation, this year we open space for dissent; we put emphasis on the spectrum of views, and voices needed to collectively create our alternative futures. Our festival focus this year, Full Spectrum Futures, is about radical unity.






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