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Session: Children - Today's ambassadors for social change.

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The presentation will focus on what happens when children lead us with courage and compassion towards a just and equitable world. What can we as adults learn from children (and we believe there are many, curiosity and kindness for example).

1. Children and their creative potential - How creating inclusive and safe spaces alone unleashes the creative potential of children.
2. The proof is in the pudding - How have children gone ahead to build local contextual solutions for global challenges.
3. How digital media can actually bridge the social gap.

We created a common platform (through zoom) for children from different strata of the society to come together and co-create solutions. These spaces created steep learning for both the types of children. For children from marginalised communities, it gave an opportunity to learn new technology and tools from their counterpart, to be articulative; For children from the other part of the society, it gave an opportunity to be vulnerable, to be open and accepting of one's shortcomings.


Anna Maria Geogy (she/her)

Educator, Human Centered Designer, Founder

Anna Maria Geogy is an architect turned educator who is currently exploring curriculum design that can enable children to think and build 21st century skills. Growing up, The United World Project by the Y4UW International influenced her to engage in social projects to increase youth participation in local communities. As a Teach For India fellow, she explored co-creating a holistic education space with her classroom of 10 year olds. This experience strengthened her belief that creating ‘with’ children rather than for them empowers both child and educator. Lateral thinking, human centered design, sustainable living and alternate economy are some of her areas of interest.

Sowmya Lakshminarayanan (she/her)

Educator, Human Centered Designer, Founder

Sowmya Lakshminarayanan is a cell biologist turned ed-preneur. Sowmya's passion for social change started as early as in college days where she witnessed how gender and economic status of an individual decided the further path in STEM field. She has set out to address this gap by starting a not for profit organisation called Lead by Design foundation in 2019. At LBD, we envision that every child has creative potential that will make the world a better place for all. LBD is a not for profit organisation which aims to build active citizenship amongst young students through social innovation.

Twitter: https://twitter.com/leadbydesign3

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/lead_by_design/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Leadbydesign2020