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Session: Co-designing futures through fashion: speculative ideas when science and second-hand clothing collide

Type: Workshop

This proposal attends to the possibility of reuniting design practices and foresight to facilitate futures imagination through co-designing and prototyping. This workshop intends to approach speculative design and co-design as methods that democratise and facilitate futures thinking.

Speculative design opens space for critical debates about new technology and its impacts in society, while increasingly immersive practices emphasise the value of experiencing possible futures, today.

New technologies have been developed in an increasing pace. Science practitioners seek to explore scientific discoveries with non-expert audiences in more engaging and meaningful ways. Design speculation and fashion can act as a bridge to connect people to science, exploring technological impacts in societies in more engaging forms.

This workshop explores potential futures of specific science technologies through fashion as material culture. We will explore a scenario where resource shortages force the fashion industry to adopt a circular model, leading to fusions between second-hand garments and new technologies that end up addressing or subverting societal needs.

Attendees will explore the fusion methods and approaches to collaboratively learn how alternative mediums present in everyday life such as fashion can work as a bridge to science and futures.


Finn Strivens (he/him)

Multidisciplinary Designer

Finn Strivens has a love for technology, democracy and social innovation. He is an award-winning designer, researcher, and foresight practitioner with a drive to enable diverse groups of people to imagine and influence their collective futures. Finn is a NGFP fellow with the School of International Futures, and is a winner of their 2020 Walkabout Prize where he is working to enable young people to influence scientific research by imagining alternative futures. Finn has a background in design innovation and, before that, in biochemistry.

Clarice Garcia (she/her)


Clarice Garcia has been working as a trend forecaster since 2014, working to multinational companies such as Nestlé, Unilever, and Ford. She is also a Ph.D. candidate in the school of Fashion & Textiles, where she is investigating the intersections between design practices and futures studies to facilitate futures thinking in transitional times and to unfold democratic futures for and through fashion towards a more sustainable world.

Twitter: https://twitter.com/claricegarcia