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Session: Full Spectrum Blackness - Not a Monolith, Black Futures in a Post COVID Global Context

Type: Keynote

The presentation will be about various workshops I've facilitated across different demographics of Black-identifying individuals across the globe (remotely).

These workshops will incorporate various tools and methodologies but the primary objective is providing a venue for an unintimidating introduction to futures literacy and facilitated discourse on a range of topics including:

  • Post-November 2020 US Election
  • Education
  • Career Development and the World of Work
  • Travel and Movement
  • Media and Marketing
  • Spirituality
  • Personal Futures

This is significant because it:

  • raises awareness of futures/imagination literacy
  • validates what many feel but perhaps haven't had a way to describe- being left out of the collective narrative
  • provides them alternative ways of thinking for a greater sense of agency and empowerment
  • presents an opportunity to hear from everyday people and amplify their voices in plain language through their experiences

Three ideas Futures Festival participants will learn are:

  • Personal and collective narratives of Black-identifying individuals
  • How Black individuals perceive viable and desirable futures
  • The roles both Black and non-Black stakeholders can play in realizing those futures


See the video on Vimeo from APF.


Sophia Bazile (she/her)

Independent Researcher; Coach and Consultant

As a first-generation Haitian-American who has lived in Latin America, the UAE, China, and Southeast Asia, Sophia was moved to contribute to Black Futures research around experiences and perceptions of “blackness” in a global context. She is an independent foresight researcher and founder of FLYP (Futures Literate Youth and Professionals), a boutique coaching and consulting agency focused on “flipping the script” by promoting futures literacy and foresight capacities among systemically under-represented and marginalized groups. With a deep background in education, her work as a Purpose and Impact Coach is largely centered around advocating for and galvanizing a more conscious and conscientious youth.

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/sophiabazile/