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Session: How do young people of today imagine tomorrow. Their voice matters.

Type: Panel

Nowadays we live in an 'adultocracy' where only adults are the ones who are considered mature enough to think about the future and make decisions about it. We should start including young people and kids in this types of conversations and forums.

If we are thinking about Full Spectrum futures, we are talking about diversity, and one of the many sides of the concept of diversity is age. If we really want Full Spectrum Futures, we should include children and young people.
For this purpose, Teach the Future joined #NexGenEdu to co-organize a panel of young voices from diverse countries, backgrounds and profiles. It’s a great opportunity to listen to them talking about their visions of the future and about their ideas for including them in the decision making processes

Teach the Future is a global movement that promotes futures literacy for students and educators. Our Aspiration is that every student is prepared to navigate an uncertain world and has the agency to imagine and create their preferred future.

#NexGenEdu is a global learning platform for partners to share evidence-driven ideas, policy directives and scaling strategies in education, with an intentional bias towards partners building trust and moving to action. #NextGenEdu exists to ensure one kind world, where every learner has access to quality learning opportunities.


See the video on Vimeo from APF.


Lourdes Rodriguez (she/her)

Senior trend researcher and Network Weaver

Master's degree in Psychology. Senior trends Researcher & Analyst for leading companies in Spain and Latin America. Currently I combine my work as Network Weaver with Teach the Future’s global Community with my work as part of Mindset, a boutique consultancy specialized in designing innovative learning experiences. I am also a member of the Speculative Futures Chapter team in Madrid where we organized events about speculative futures design from diverse points of views. Since 2012, I combine my professional activity with teaching and research work as professor of Research and Trends Analysis and Systems Thinking. I was always passionate about knowing what is the next big thing, I am constantly learning about new social, cultural, philosophical and artistic movements, but above all, I am interested in people, their study and analysis as a social being, capable of the best, but also of the worst. My wish, perhaps utopian, is that the light gradually overcome the darkness, that we become more aware of our weaknesses as a species, and that we actively work both individually and as a group, to build better futures together.

Andrés Castellanos Montoya

Age: 13, Location: Medellín, Colombia

Desired future: My desired future is that children can access to education. I hope they can have water; a house and they can grow up in peace with their families. That children can think about their future and build it. I hope children can grow up happy, protected by their communities, regardless of their ethnicity, religion or socioeconomic status. Threatening future: My most feared future is one where people do not seek to do something to change. A scenario where violence, selfishness and greed continue to deteriorate the environment, and this leads to diseases. I am concerned that the children suffer from lack of water, shelter and food. I feel sad if children cannot plan their own future and strive to achieve it. Anything that you would like to add: My dream is that people work together for a better future for all. I believe that if we educate children and young people today, they will have elements to change current trends tomorrow.

Arlynn Veldink

Age: 12, Location: Breda, The Netherlands 

Desired future: A world in which there is a good balance between nature and human. And everybody is treated equally.

Matheus Barbosa

Age: 14, From: Sao Paulo, Brazil

Teteus Bionic started teaching game programming at the age of 7, lectures and studies Astronomy since he was 9 and wants to be an Astronaut, is 14 years old. CyberEduca, Developer and Professor of Game Programming, Maker, Workshop, Mentor, Entrepreneur, Speaker, lectured and led workshops at several events such as TedX, Campus Party, TDC, Roadsec, Arduino Day, Scratch Day, Science Days (BR / NASA) , IBM School, among others, invited by several universities and schools, is Youtuber teaching game programming on his channel Teteus Bionic at youtube.com/teteusbionic, besides being a pioneer in the world to talk about teaching Artificial Intelligence with Scratch. Highlight and Cover of Galileu Magazine.