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Session: The Surprising Truth About Sharing

Type: Keynote

I aim to highlight general misconceptions of human behaviour, particularly in relation to altruism and cooperative effort; how our current methodology cannot lead us to where we all unanimously want to go; how some of our most basic behaviours are exacerbating the problems we want to solve and how adopting sharing more into our daily lives can free us (and planet) in ways we can scarcely imagine now.


See the video on Vimeo from APF.


Colin R Turner (he/him)

Author & Speaker

I'm an Irish musician and author who advocates for an open access economy - a proposed methodology that ensures (at a minimum) that every person's needs are met without condition through a voluntary cooperative system, while maximizing preservation of living systems. I have authored two books on the topic F-Day and Into The Open Economy, and am founder of The Free World Charter (a charter for a post-money social contract), Sharebay (a library of free goods and services), HonorPay (an open awards network) and an extensive wiki detailing the concept of an Open Access Economy. I have given many talks on the topic including an appearance at TEDx in Galway, Ireland, and at Z-Day in Frankfurt.

Twitter: https://twitter.com/freeworlder

Facebook: https://facebook.com/colinrturner