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Session: Exploradores del futuros: de la exploración individual a la colectiva.

Type: Panel

The initiative "Exploradores de Futuros" has the purpose to democratize the conversations of possible futures. It´s a free online program where Spanish-speaking people who are developing foresight projects in the region, present their experiences, learnings, reflections and recommendations. There are more than 40 guests from different countries, fields of study and contexts, who have openly shared their experiences. It is disseminated on YouTube, Spotify and Soundcloud.

The presentation will focus on sharing what took me from individual learning and exploration to creating this space of shared knowledge and exploration. Share What is the future? in the words of the more than 40 guests who have participated. How has it been a contribution for the guests? What learnings and reflections has the audience received from the program? How can each of us be an explorer of futures and be part of this community?

3 ideas futures festival 2021 participants would learn:

  • Deep and transformational learning occurs in community
  • Everyone can be a Futures Explorer
  • Diversity is key to exploring the future

The presentation would be a panel for collective reflection: with me (host of the program), someone from the online radio team that transmits the program, a guest who has participated as an interviewee and with a participant who regularly listens to the program.


Bárbara Inge Ferrer Lanz (she/her)

Consultant in transformation and futures strategies

Barbara grew up in Chilean Patagonia. She is Master in Organizational Psychology and Commercial Engineering from the Adolfo Ibáñez University in Chile, as well as Ontological Coach. A polymath in developing, operating in the integration between strategy, psychology, systems thinking, anticipatory thinking and eco-social regeneration. She currently works as Foresight Director en Memética and host the podcast “Exploradores de Futuros (Futures Explorers)”, which has the purpose of democratizing and spreading futures conversations in Spanish. She has worked as a consultant in corporations, ventures and NGOs based in Latin America and Europe on issues of strategy, business models, strategic communication, design of futures, design of narratives for change and cultural transformation.

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/barbaraferrerlanz/